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Caution at Higher Levels.... !!!

Nifty Outlook for Week 01.02.2016 to 05.02.2016
NIFTY :: 7564(+ 142)
Nifty after trading  in a small range for most part of the week, it finished the week with good gains on the last day of the week, being first day of new Derivative settlement.
20 DMA, 50DMA, 100DMA and 200 DMA are placed at about 7536, 7710, 7844 and 8094.  respectively and would act as  resistances as. Nifty is trading  below most of   the Moving Averages.
While Nifty continues to trade below   the  200 DMA and 50 DMA too is  below   200 DMA (Death  Cross) suggesting that the Long term Bearish  trend is   in    tact.
Technical Levels ::
Bullish above 7635 with resistance at  7700, 7775,7850
Bearish below 7480 with Supports at 7410, 7335, 7260
Breakout level 7700 : Breakdown level 7450
Advice for Traders ::
Nifty is moving in a tight range with Bullish bias.  Nifty is likely to be better in First half of the week and could give up some of the gains in Second half.
Weekly Open level is very important for the entire week.


The performance of BJP-led government has been rated "above average" in an opinion poll released today but the rating of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is higher than that of his government.
In the opinion poll conducted by ABP News-Nielsen, 46 per cent of the respondents rated the government as very good or good but Modi got a higher rating of very good or good from 54 per cent of those polled.
According to the opinion poll, if the Lok Sabha elections were to be held tomorrow, NDA is likely to get 38 per cent vote share which will give it 301 seats as against 339 seats in May 2014 polls.
The Congress-led UPA is likely to get a vote share of 28 per cent which will give it 108 seats compared to 62 seats in the previous elections, it said.
The poll said the BJP is likely to get 43 per cent of the vote share and the Congress 14 per cent with Aam Admi Party(AAP) bagging four per cent of the votes, bigger than any other regional players.
The survey conducted to understand the "mood…


Weak trend in the equities have made investors poorer by Rs 7.9 lakh crore since the beginning of the month as sentiment remained muted amid global growth worries and sharp dip in oil prices. The BSE 30-share Sensex has plummeted by 1,631.59 points or 6.24 per cent to 24,485.95 so far this month. The index had hit its 52-week low of 23,839.76 on January 20. Tracking the extreme weakness in the stock market, the total investor wealth of firms listed at BSE plunged by Rs 7,96,903 crore to Rs 92,40,831 crore from Rs 1,00,37,734 crore at the end of December 31. "The weakness in Chinese economy and falling crude prices have taken a toll on markets across the world, in the past couple of weeks. The resultant outflows of funds from India have impacted domestic markets also," said Dipen Shah, Senior Vice-President & Head of Private Client Group Research, Kotak Securities. Overseas investors have pulled out more than Rs 9,900 crore from the Indian equity markets since the beginni…


Capital markets regulator Sebi today said stock exchanges and depositories will be classified as infrastructure companies in order to effectively implement the provisions of listing norms for the bourses. The move comes close on the heels of Sebi approving new set of norms for the listing of stock exchanges. In a notification, the capital markets watchdog said that stock exchanges and depositories will be classified as infrastructure companies under Sebi Regulations. The new norms will come under the Sebi (Issue of Capital and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2016. Under the new regulations for the listing of stock exchanges, bourses would need to take steps for maintaining 51 per cent of shareholding under public category and ensuring that holding of trading members, associates or agents does not exceed 49 per cent. A mechanism would need to be put in place providing for approval of the listed stock exchange as and when holding of trading members/associates/agents reaches 45 per…


Oceans will have more plastics than fish by 2050 if the ongoing practice of dumping plastics continues, says a report. In the report, the World Economic Forum (WEF) has said every year at least 8 million tonnes of plastics leak into the ocean, which is equivalent to dumping the contents of one garbage truck into the ocean every minute. "If no action is taken, this is expected to increase to two per minute by 2030 and four per minute by 2050," it noted. Citing studies, the WEF report said plastic packaging represents the major share of the leakage and the best available research estimates that there are over 150 million tonnes of plastics in the ocean today. "In a business-as-usual scenario, the ocean is expected to contain 1 tonne of plastic for every 3 tonnes of fish by 2025, and by 2050, more plastics than fish (by weight)," it said. The report has been prepared as part of Project MainStream -- a collaboration between the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and the WEF wi…


India has emerged as one of the five most promising markets for businesses globally as it offers one of the best opportunities for both domestic as well as global companies, says a survey.
According to the annual global CEO survey of consultancy giant PwC released here at the WEF Annual Meeting, the top five markets considered as most important for overall growth prospects by the respondents are USA, China, Germany, the UK and India.
"India, which has continued to do well under Prime Minister Narendra Modi's pro-business government, is now among CEOs' five most promising overseas markets," said the survey which covered 1,409 CEOs spread across 83 countries.
It further noted that the confidence level among Indian CEOs remains higher than the global average although they have also become less confident since last year about the growth prospects of their own companies.
As per the findings, CEOs are less optimistic about prospects this year and those who think global growth …


Corrected 20 % from Alltime High

Market benchmark Sensex resumed its downward spiral today by nosediving 418 points to close at over 20-month low of 24,062.04, tracking massive sell-off in global indexes on growth worries, while oil again dipped below the USD 28-level. With this, the index has fallen to the weakest level since since May 16, 2014, the day the new government won a landslide mandate in general elections. The rupee, meanwhile, breached the 68-mark during intraday against the dollar for the first time since September 4, 2013.  The 30-share Sensex after opening lower at 24,325.77, continued to slide and cracked the 24,000-mark to hit a low of 23,839.76. However, on fag-end buying, the index managed to close above 24,000-level at 24,062.04, still down 417.80 points or 1.71 per cent. The gauge had gained 291.47 points in the previous session backed up by value-buying in select blue-chips. …


The ruble hit a historic low today as the dollar climbed past the 80.1 rubles level for the first time, exceeding the levels seen during the shock plunge of the Russian currency in December 2014. After a day of relative calm, the ruble resumed its downward spiral, breaking through the previous record low it hit on December 16, 2014, as oil prices, key to Russia's economy, test 12-year lows. The ruble was also trading at 87.6 against the euro as Asian and European markets suffered another rout. Gas and oil account for more than a half of the Russian budget revenues. "The market will be generally driven by global economic sentiment, which does not exactly look hopeful at the moment," Alfa Bank said in a note to clients today. In December 2014, the Russian currency crashed to unprecedented lows, trading at over 80 rubles to the dollar and 100 to the euro. Western sanctions over the Kremlin's support for the separatist insurgency in Ukraine have all but closed access to …


The oil price is set to fall further this year as supply vastly exceeds demand, with major oil exporter Iran's return to the market offsetting any production cuts from other countries, the IEA said today. "Can it go any lower?" the International Energy Agency asked in its monthly oil market report. "Unless something changes, the oil market could drown in over-supply. So the answer to our question is an emphatic yes. It could go lower." The oil price this week hit lows not seen in 12 years, and is currently trading at or below 29 dollars per barrel. Iran's return to the oil market, a major reason for continued price weakness, has probably not been fully factored into prices yet, the IEA warned, contradicting many financial analysts. "Iranian barrels are likely to back out similar quality sour crude from Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Russia - so producers are likely to become ever more competitive on the pricing front," the IEA said. Iran is facing "t…


The world's largest wooden charkha, spinning wheel used mainly for cotton, will soon be on display at the international airport in the national capital. Charkha is closely associated with Mahatma Gandhi who had used it to symbolise India's self-reliance during independence struggle. Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) would be installing the wooden charkha at Terminal 3 of the Indira Gandhi International Airport here. In a press release today, KVIC Chairman V K Saxena said display of the "world's largest charkha" at the capital's busiest airport will inculcate the feeling of Indianness and Swadeshi among the travellers. The charkha would be 9 metres (27 feet) in length and 5 metres (15 feet) in height.
KVIC said charkha is the symbol of the country's independence and 2016 is also the centenary year of the arrival of Mahatma Gandhi from South Africa. Last week, during a meeting between Saxena and GMR Chief Executive Officer I Prabhakara Rao, it w…


At least 73 of the top 500 BSE-listed companies together can potentially pay additional Rs 20,000 crore as dividend to investors since most of them have large cash balances, says a report. Proxy advisory firm IiAS today said there are at least 73 companies that can potentially return cash to its shareholders by way of dividends or buybacks. The conclusions are based on a study of the companies' financials for fiscal 2015. Noting that at least 73 of the S&P BSE 500 companies can double the amount of dividends, IiAS said they can pay more than Rs 20,000 crore more. "Incremental dividend payout from the 73 companies could aggregate Rs 213 billion, equivalent to the amount these 73 companies actually paid out in FY 15 (Rs 213 billion)," it said in a report. According to IiAS, dividend payouts have steadily risen over the last few years for S&P BSE 500 companies and that amount has outpaced growth in net profits over the past five years. "Median dividend payout r…


Home to the annual talkathon of the rich and powerful from across the world for over four decades, this Swiss resort town has its own history of being a place of eminence for medical tourism as also for winter sports. With the annual five-day powwow of business and global leaders beginning under the aegis of World Economic Forum (WEF), the small alpine town is buzzing with top CEOs and others who matter in black business suits and the police and army people in orange-and-blue dress posted to provide security for such a large-scale event. Still, the streets are not totally devoid of usual skiing enthusiasts and some tourists devouring the rich history of this small Swiss town on snow-capped Alps. Once famous for being a summer health resort, Davos has gradually emerged as a major winter sport hub on Alps, but its biggest claim to fame for the past four decades has been World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting every January, beginning 1971. The Geneva-based WEF is hosting its 46th Annu…


Market might turn Bullish in Second Half.... !!! 
Nifty Outlook for Next Week :: (18.01..2016 to 22.01.2016) …  
NIFTY :: 7437(-164)
Nifty traded in a small range with bearish bias  bias due to global cues and lost about 2.10% .
Nifty is Bearish but clearly oversold and could have clear pull back.  If  Nifty is  expected to face support around 7350 and Resistance around 7605 and in case it bounces either side, it is likely  to have a wild swing.
Mercury and Jupiter are in retrograde motion. Nifty’s Range between 13.1.16 and 15.1.16 was 7427 and 7605 and closed nearer to the lower end ie. at 7437. In case it closes below 7400, it would turn further Bearish. On the other hand, in case it closes above 7605,it would become Bullish for short term.
20 DMA, 50DMA, 100DMA and 200 DMA are placed at about 7743, 7788, 7894 and 8154.  respectively and would act as  resistances as. Nifty is trading  below all   the Moving Averages.
While Nifty continues to trade below   the  200 DMA and 50 DMA too is…


How about learning Chinese while playing a game on your smartphone!! Well it is now possible to learn basic Chinese with a new application available for mobile phones irrespective of their operating systems be it android, windows or the iOS. The application, 'Ehuayu' is a game-based, mobile Chinese language teaching software and contains the most commonly used basic spoken Chinese and phrases. Developed by Su Yue Fei, the application has been launched in major English speaking countries like America, Singapore, and Hong Kong, Philippines, India and of course China. Fei says that since everyone uses mobile phones for the smallest of their needs, it is an easy and convenient way to learn basic Chinese through games while one is playing games on mobile. "Most of the youngsters are now using mobile phones for various purposes. So I thought of developing an app which would help them learn Chinese. We waste a lot of our time by playing games on our smartphones. This application…


Describing America as the strongest and most durable economy, President Barack Obama today rejected as "political hot air" the assessment by many that the world's largest economy is on decline. "The talk of America's economic decline is political hot air. Well, so is all the rhetoric you hear about our enemies getting stronger and America getting weaker. The United States of America is the most powerful nation on Earth," Obama said in his eighth and final State of the Union Address to the Congress. Obama claimed that though "a lot of Americans feel anxious", the current state of the American economy is not in decline. "We spend more on our military than the next eight nations combined. Our troops are the finest fighting force in the history of the world. No nation dares to attack us or our allies because they know that's the path to ruin," he said. "Surveys show our standing around the world is higher than when I was elected to …