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When it comes to inflation, the year 2015 has shown that the macroeconomic datapoints may not always show the real picture and the cases in point relate to quite a few kitchen staples such as potato, onions and pulses.
For records, the Consumer Price Inflation has remained well under control hovering in the range of 3.66-5.4 per cent so far in 2014, while the industry chambers and some other experts are hopeful that it would keep below 6 per cent mark in the New Year -- a target set by the Reserve Bank.
However, the consumers saw an altogether different story in 2016 when they went to the shops to purchase some staple grocery and vegetable items for a good part of the year. While onion prices again brought tears to the eyes of consumers, prices of tur dal touched record high levels above Rs 200 a kilogram. Another dataset, the Wholesale Price Index (WPI) based inflation in fact stayed in the negative zone for the entire year, meaning the wholesale prices actually fell and there was no i…


The 2015 was a record year for global merger and acquisitions (M&A) as corporates announced deals worth USD 4.86 trillion and a significant portion of this came from Asia Pacific targeted deals, says a report. According to global deal tracking firm Dealogic, global M&A volume at USD 4.86 trillion in 2015 was the highest on record for any year, surpassing the previous record of USD 4.61 trillion in 2007. Moreover, this year's total is a good 33 per cent higher than the last year. In another first, the Asia Pacific targeted M&A broke the USD 1 trillion mark, reaching USD 1.16 trillion in 2015, and accounted for a record 24 per cent share of global M&A. Sectorwise, healthcare was the top ranked sector in 2015 with USD 708.7 billion, up 62 per cent from 2014 when deals worth USD 436.3 billion were announced. Technology was a close second with record high volume and activity (USD 697.4 billion by way of 9,038 deals), almost double 2014 volume (USD 326.1 billion). The fo…


Set for the fifth straight year of fall in 2015, the rupee seems to have found a new bottom after hovering between two extremes of being billed the world's worst as well as the best performing currency and the experts see the range of 65-70 as the new normal.
While the government announced a slew of steps and the Reserve Bank also intervened on a few occasions to support the forex market, a highly volatile trend continued to rule the exchange rates due to global headwinds through 2015, during which the Indian currency also hit a two-year low below Rs 67 mark against the US greenback.
It is expected to end the year between Rs 66-67 level, down more than five per cent from its 2014-closing level of Rs 63.03 to one US dollar. It closed at Rs 66.21 in its last trading session, while four days of trading are left in 2015.
The major factors triggering the downward move included a substantial fall in foreign portfolio investments as an uncertainty prevailed for almost entire year over the l…


Tata Motors has entered the top-50 league of the world's biggest companies in terms of their R&D investments, topped by German automaker Volskwagen. On the annual Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard for 2015, prepared by European Commission, Volkswagen is followed by Samsung, Microsoft, Intel and Novartis in the top-five. Tata Motors has moved up from 104th position last year to 49th now and has also shown the largest increase in R&D (Research and Development) investments on the list. However, most of this R&D is at its UK subsidiary Jaguar Land Rover. In the expanded list of the world's 2,500 top R&D firms, there are a total of 26 Indian companies, as against 829 from the US, 360 from Japan, 301 from China, 114 from Taiwan, 80 from Switzerland and 27 each from Canada and Israel. There are 608 companies from the EU countries, including 136 from Germany, 135 from the UK, 86 from France, 42 from Sweden and 32 from Italy. India is overall placed at 15th posit…


Bullish above 7855 ….. !!! 

Nifty Outlook for Week 21.12.2015 to 24.12.2015
NIFTY :: 7762 (+152)
Nifty traded with huge Bullishness till Thursday and fell on Friday and closed with a gain of about 2%.
Moon transits in Dhanishta 3 rd to Poorvabhadra 3 rd Pada between 16th December (afternoon) and 18 th December and the  range of these days  (7737 to 7853) can be considered to be the reference range for the next Three weeks and market can be considered to be Bullish above the high and Bearish below the Low of this period’s range.  
20 DMA, 50DMA, 100DMA and 200 DMA are placed at about 7795, 7955, 8033 and 8250.  respectively and wouldact as  resistances. Nifty is trading  below all   the Moving Averages.
While Nifty continues to trade below   the  200 DMA and 50 DMA too is  below   200 DMA (Death  Cross) suggesting that the Long term Bearish  trend is   in    tact.

Technical Levels ::
Bullish above 7840 with resistance at  7815, 7890,7950
Bearish below 7690 with Supports at 7615, 7540, 7475.


New Delhi has topped the list of Asia's top cities for shopping, offering a treasure trove of goods through its blend of charming traditional markets and glitzy shopping malls, according to a new survey. New Delhi has topped the list for the best shopping city in Asia, followed by Bangkok and Singapore, according to a survey by TripAdvisor. "Shopping in Asian cities can be a rich and colourful experience if you know exactly which spots to go to and how to maximise your dollar," TripAdvisor's Communications Director for Asia Pacific Janice Lee Fang said. Most cities feature top quality malls, where one can find their favourite designer shops, but there are also the night markets or street shops that sell beautiful handicraft and other local gems unique to the culture, she added. This ranking is based on the popularity of shopping activities in Asian cities and also includes highly-rated hotel recommendations, which are bookable on TripAdvisor, offering shoppers great …