for Week 29.08.2016 to 02.09.2016

Dual Movement

NIFTY :: 8573 (- 94 )

Nifty traded in  a  very narrow range of 8685 to 8547 and closed at 8573 with a  loss  of about 94 Points and lost more than 1%.

Market had seen negative close for the Third week in succession. As per technicals, it should see an Uptick this week. FII Inflow is to be watched carefully and if the inflows are either tepid or become negative, it is to be viewed as negative.  Market could go up further in Medium Term and also in Long term due to passage of GST Bill but could only go down in the Short Term mode.

- 20 DMA, 50DMA, 100DMA and 200 DMA are placed at about 8631, 8474, 8198 and 7889 respectively and would act as  Supports  as Nifty is trading  above most of     the   Moving Averages.  

- Nifty continues to trade above    the  200 DMA and  50 DMA too has come above   200 DMA (Golden   Cross) suggesting that the Long term outlook has become Bullish.

Technical Levels...

Breakout level : 8720 Breakdown level : 8500

Bullish above 8640 with resistance at  8715, 8800

Bearish below 8550 with Supports at 8475, 8400

Planetary Position...

- Moon would be transiting  from Pushyami 1 st in Cancer     to Uttara Phauni 1 st   Pada in Leo .

- Sun transits from  Magha 4 th  Pada in Leo  to Uttara 1 st     Pada in Leo.

- Mercury  transits from  Uttara Phalguni 3 rd   Pada in Virgo   to Virgo  3 rd    Pada in Virgo , It gets into Retrograde Position (Retrograde from 30-8-16 from 6.34PM) During Mercury Retrograde period, market will have dual movements.

- Venus transits from Uttara 3 rd    Pada in Virgo    to Hastha 1 st  Pada in Virgo.

- Mars transits in  Jyeshta 1 st    Pada to Jyeshta 2 nd Pada in Scorpio .

- Saturn, in Direct  motion ,   transits in  Anuradha 4 th  Pada in Scropio sign and in Scorpio   Navamsa .

- Jupiter   transits in   Uttara 3 rd  Pada and  in Aquarius  Navamsa.

- Rahu and Ketu transit in Leo and Aquarius and in Virgo  and Pisces  Navamsas,

Market is to move  in between Aquarius and  Pisces during 18 th  August  to 22 nd August  and established a range of 8614 to 8697, in a narrow range. Thereafter if it crosses the Low, it would become Bearish . It had come down upto 8547 and closed at 8573.The Down side levels are 8531 and 8448. The Trend would turn Bullish if it closes above 8697.
for Monday...

Bearish  Bias 

Astro Info:: Tithi ::Sravana Bahula Dwadasi

Nakshatra ::Pushyami

Persons born in  Bharani, Pubba and Poorvashadha  constellations and Leo and Sagittarius    are advised to be alert in their dealings.

Sensitive / Trend change Timings : 9.25AM;10.55AM; 11.55AM; 1.10PM; 3.01PM; 

Likely Intraday Trend...
On the basis of planetary position and aspects amongst planets, Market is expected to open steady / Better     and remain so till about 10 AM  and remain subdued till about end of the day.
Astro Technical Trading Strategy...
After 10.30 Am, if Nifty fut trades below the   Average Traded Price(ATP)/ ,  Short    positions can  be taken with High Level as  Stop Loss  and such positions can be closed by about 3 PM.
Technical Levels...
Resistance : 8610, 8640, Support : 8535, 8500


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