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for the Week 17.10.2016 to 21.10.2016

Generally Bearish Bias...

NIFTY :: 8583 ( - 115)

Nifty traded in  a wide range of 8746 to 8541 in only Three days of trading  and closed nearer to the lower end of the range at 8583   with a  loss  of 115 Points,  a loss of  about 1.5%, the main reason for loss being the weakness in global markets.

Market had closed with a negative  outlook  with a loss  of 1.5% i.e., 115 points . Last week Second half was expected to be crucial and out of Three working days, Only in one day Nifty had fallen 135  points. Last week, Nifty had made a new Low of September. While further too is possible, it would be only for short term while it is quite Bullish for Medium and Long term. Unless Nifty comes and closes above 8750, correction would continue to persist.

- 20 DMA, 50DMA, 100DMA and 200 DMA are placed at about 8724, 8702, 8425 and 8026 respectively and would act as  Supports  and Resistances as Nifty is trading  above the Long term   Moving Averages.

- Nifty continues to trade above    the  200 DMA and  50 DMA too has come above   200 DMA (Golden   Cross) suggesting that the Long term outlook is  Bullish.

Technical Levels...

Breakout level : 8750, Breakdown level : 8475

Bullish above 8650 with Resistance at  8725, 8800, 8875

Bearish below 8525 with Supports at 8450, 8375,8300.
Planetary Position

- Moon would be transiting  from Bharani 1st   Pada in Aries    to Aardra  4 th  Pada in Gemini.

- Sun transits from  Chitta 3 rd   Pada in Libra   to Chitta 4 th     Pada in Libra .

- Mercury  transits from  Hastha 4 th   Pada in Virgo     to Chitta 3 rd   Pada in Libra .

- Venus transits from Anuradha 1 st   Pada in Scorpio    to Anuradha 2 nd  Pada in Scorpio.

- Mars transits in  Poorvashadha 2 nd     Pada to Poorvashadha 3 rd    Pada in Sagittarius .

- Saturn, in Direct  motion ,   transits in  Jyeshta 1 st   Pada in Scropio sign and in Sagittarius    Navamsa .

- Jupiter   transits in    Hastha 1 st Pada and  in Aries  Navamsa to Hastha 2 nd  Pada and in Taurus   Navamsa.

- Rahu and Ketu transit in Leo and Aquarius and in Leo  and Aquarius  Navamsas,

Moon transited  from Aquarius and Pisces during October 13 th and 14 th and the range that is established (8682 to 8541) would be crucial for the next Three weeks and It would become further Bullish if it crosses the High(8682) then the target would be 8825 and 8970  and Bearish if it crosses the Low of the range (8541) then the target would be 8400 and 8260.

(for Monday)
Generally Bearish

Astro Info:: Tithi ::Aswayuja Bahula Vidiya

Nakshatra ::Bharani .

Persons   born in  Mrigasira, Chitta and Dhanishta constellations  and those born in Taurus and Virgo are advised to be alert in their dealings.

Sensitive / Trend change Timings : 9.20AM; 12.42PM;1.30PM ;

Likely Intraday Trend...

On the basis of planetary position and aspects amongst planets, Market is expected to open steady /Subdued  and remain subdued till about 11 AM and could recover thereafter till about 2.15PM and could remain subdued thereafter.

Astro Technical Trading Strategy...

After 11 AM, if Nifty fut trades above     the Average Traded Price (ATP), Long   positions can be taken with suitable  Stop Loss and such positions can be closed by about 2 PM. If Nifty fut starts trading below ATP after about 2.15PM , short positions can be taken to closed by about end of the day.

Technical Levels...
Resistance : 8620, 8655, Support : 8550, 8515
- IF resistance levels are achieved in the forenoon session, buying may be avoided at higher levels and risky traders can consider short positon for a pull back to Bullish trigger level. IF Support levels are achieved in the forenoon session, selling may be avoided at lower levels and risky traders can consider buying for a pull back upto  Bearish trigger level / other support levels.

- Intraday trend given above is relative and based purely on the basis of planetary positions / aspects and needs to be understood and and astrological portion given above should be considered together and applied for taking proper trading decisions.
Intraday trading is risky and Astro guidance is to be depending on intraday movements . applied depending on the real time market movement.  used as an additional tool in addition to technicals and adapted  Technical portion. Loss / Gain in market depends on Individual natal chart.  Creator only knows what is going to happen and astrologer can only indicate what is likely to happen.
Investment decisions made on the above analysis would be at your own risk and I take no responsibility for your decisions based on the above analysis.'

Trade only with stop loss..

Stay Disciplined for Successful Trading and Investing..


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