Weekly Range very Crucial for the entire Month

Nifty Outlook for Next Week :: (02.01.2017 to 06.01.2017) …  

NIFTY :: 8186  ( + 200)

Nifty traded in  a  wide  range of 8195 to 7894  during last week and closed at the Upper end for the week at 8186 with a Gain of 200 Points,  a gain  of  about 2.5%. Market was in Positive zone through out the week.

Market would move between Aquarius and Pisces between Monday and Friday and the range of this week would be crucial for the next Three weeks and when the High is Crossed, it would be Bullish and the Low is breached, it would become Bearish.

- 20 DMA, 50DMA, 100DMA and 200 DMA are placed at about 8111, 8247, 8474 and 8249 respectively and would act as  Supports  and Resistances as Nifty is trading  below most of  the Moving Averages .

- Nifty continues to trade below the 200 DMA and and also trading below 50 DMA and  50 DMA has  come below 200 DMA (Death  Cross has come towards last week end) suggesting that the Long term outlook has become Bearish.

Technical Levels ::

Bullish above 8260 with Resistance at 8335, 8410, 8485.

Bearish below 8110 with Supports at 8035, 7960,7885.

Breakout level : 8400 Breakdown level : 8000

Planetary Position...

- Moon would be transiting  from  Dhanishta 3 rd Pada in Aquarius    to Revathi 4 th Pada in Pisces

- Sun transits from  Poorvashadha 2 nd Pada  to Poorvashadha 3 rd Pada in Sagittarius.

- Mercury  transits from Moola 3 rd Pada to Moola 2 nd Pada(in Retrograde Position ) in Sagittarius .

- Venus transits from  Dhanishta 4 th  Pada in Aquarius  to Sathabhisham 1 st  Pada in Aquarius.

- Mars transits in   Sathabhisham 3 rd  Pada to Sathabhisham 4 th   Pada in Aquarius .
- Saturn   transits in  Jyeshta 4 th   Pada in Scropio sign and in Pisces Navamsa

- Jupiter   transits in     Chitta 2 nd  Pada in Virgo and in Virgo   Navamsa.

- Rahu and Ketu transit in Leo and Aquarius and in Virgo  and Pisces  Navamsas,

Forenoon Subdued (for Monday)

Tithi ::Pushya Sukla Chaturdhi

Nakshatra ::Dhanishta

Persons born in Pushyami, Anuradha, Uttarabhadra  constellations  and those born in Pisces, Cancer are advised to be alert in their dealings.
Sensitive / Trend change Timings : 10.40AM;1.30PM;

Likely Intraday Trend...

On the basis of planetary position and aspects amongst planets, Market is expected to open Steady  and remain Subdued from  10.00AM till about 1.00 PM and remain better till about 2.45 PM.

Astro Technical Trading Strategy...

If Nifty Fut. Trades below ATP/ Open by  10 AM . Short  Positions can be taken with suitable SL, and such positions can be closed by about 12.45 PM.  If Nifty Fut trades above ATP by about 1.15 PM, Long Positions can be taken with Suitable SL and such positions can be closed by about 2.45 PM.

Technical Levels...
Resistance : 8225, 8260 Support : 8145, 8110


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