Astro Info :: Moon transits in  Visakha  in Libra and Scorpio .   
Tithi : Bahula Ashtami ; Weekday:: Thursday. 
Individuals born in Scorpio and Pisces    signs and in Aswini Makha and Moola    constellations    may remain cautious in their transactions.
Senstive time:: 9.20am; 11.00am; 12.25pm.,;
Nifty                               8627   +62
Market Outlook for  Thursday, 12th February, 2015  :: Crucial Day….!!!
Market traded in the positive zone through out the day and gained for the Second day in succession and closed above 8600. Nifty would get out of short term bearishness if it closes above 8660. Nifty spot is expected to encounter resistance at 8670, 8705 and find support at 8590, 8555 for  Thursday.   While Global cues, Quarterly results   and  Funds flow  are expected to broadly guide the market movement, based on the present market position, market  is expected to trade in a zigzag manner in the fore noon session.
Thursday’s closing is important as short term trend could reverse on a close above 8660.
Trading strategy :: 
Today’s session is crucial as whether it would close above 8660 and reverse short term trend or would fall again from high levels to retest the low. Caution at higher levels is advised. Below mentioned Breakout and Break down levels too might be watched closely  as one of the levels only could be breached signaling the trend.
Breakout / Break Down Levels::
Breakoutlevel  is 8667 and Breakdown level 8579 for Nifty spot for Thursday .,  It is unlikely that both levels would be breached (under normal circumstances)., If Breakout level is breached., It is a Buy on Decline with Low as Stop loss and if Breakdown level is breached, It is a sell on rise with high as stop loss. Alternatively, if Nifty is unable to cross the Breakout level, short positions, can be considered with Breakout as stop loss and unable to breach the breakdown level, long positions can be considered with Breakdown level as stop loss.

Disclaimer ::  Above analysis  is based on planetary movements and is intended for guidance / educative purpose and traders are advised to be highly cautious with proper risk management mechanism as Trading is highly risky and not trade only based on the analysis given above.

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